Species Vampire
Age 20s
Status Alive
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark
Powers Basic Powers

Vampire Powers

Blake is Holiday's Vampire Ex-Fiancé who makes his first appearance in Whispers at Moonrise.

Biography Edit

Whispers at Moonrise Edit

Throughout the book, Blake begs Holiday to take him back, every time Holiday saying no. The relationship between himself and Holiday ended when he left Holiday at the alter on their wedding day. It is later discovered that he cheated on her with her deceased twin sister, Hannah, at an early stage in his relationship with Holiday.  His connection to both Hannah and Holiday leads him to be considered as a suspect for the murder of Hannah, who has been visiting Kylie as a ghost.

Chosen at Nightfall Edit

In Chosen at Nightfall Holiday mentions that they Invited Blake to their wedding but he declined, probably because he's scared of Burnett.