Chan Hon
Species Vampire
Status Deceased
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark
Powers Basic Powers

Vampire Powers

Family Mr. Hon (Father)
Miao Hon (Mother)
Meiling Hon (Sister)
Chao Tsang (Uncle)
Sharron Tsang (Aunt)
Della Tsang (Cousin)
Marla Tsang (Cousin)
Feng Tsang (Uncle)
Bao Yu Tsang (Aunt) †
Natasha Owen (Cousin)

Chan Hon is Della Tsang's cousin, who faked his death in France after he became a vampire. When he ran into Della by accident, her vampiric virus activated, which turned her into a vampire as well. Chan took care of her, but was very unsupportive with her decision to join Shadow Falls. He visits Della on her first day at camp, but never shows up again.

He later died of the Rebirthing Virus and watched over Della so she wouldn't suffer the same fate.