Clara Parker
Species Werewolf
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Powers Basic Powers

Werewolf Powers

Family Mr. Parker (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Lucas Parker (Half-Brother)
Mrs. Parker (Grandmother) †

Clara Parker is Lucas' half-sister. She is a werewolf, who doesn't approve of Lucas and Kylie's relationship.

Biography Edit

Awake at Dawn Edit

Clara didn't make an appearance. But it is said by Lucas that he left to save his sister from a gang. It is also mentioned that Clara reached out to Lucas for help but he didn't do anything because he would have to see his dad.

Taken at Dusk Edit

It is mentioned that Lucas visits his father to see and help Clara. And he is trying to sign her up for school at Shadow Falls. She is good friends with Fredericka.

Whispers at Moonrise Edit

Clara makes her first appearance, when she is running from a fog in the wood just outside of Shadow Falls territory. She is rescued by Kylie, and is shocked to find out that she is a witch (At the time). She doesn't like her for that reason and that Kylie made her seem "Weak". From then on she is very hostile and cold towards Kylie, and doesn't approve of their relationship. Clara also spotted Kylie at the engagement ceremony, and was probably the one who told Lucas that she was there.

Chosen at Nightfall Edit

Clara isn't shown much during the book, but it shows that she is resentful of Kylie for ruining Lucas' future. By "making" him give up the engagement to Monique. She still doesn't approve of their relationship.

Physical Appearance Edit

Clara is described to look exactly like her half-brother. Jet-black hair and light blue eyes.