Heidi Summers
Species Chameleon
Hair color Brown
Powers Default Powers
  • Brain Scanning
  • Invisibility
  • Pattern Shifting
  • Species Shifting
  • Power Shifting
Family Francyne (Sister)
Malcolm Summers (Husband)
Daniel Brighten (Son) †
Kylie Galen (Granddaughter)

Heidi Summers is Kylie's deceased paternal grandmother. She makes her first appearance at the end of Awake at Dawn.

She was killed during a failed experiment performed by the FRU when they attempted to learn about her species. She was pregnant before she died. She is the main ghost of Taken at Dusk. When she firsts comes to Kylie she doesn't remember anything about herself. Every time she revisits Kylie her memory slowly recovers. She is also constantly telling Kylie: "Someone lives. Someone dies." That is a message from the death angels.


Awake at DawnEdit

Taken at DuskEdit

Whispers at MoonriseEdit



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