John Anthony Esparza
Species Chameleon
Age 30s
Status Deceased
Hair color Dark
Eye color Grey
Powers Default Powers
  • Brain Scanning
  • Invisibility
  • Pattern Shifting
  • Species Shifting
  • Power Shifting

Vampire Powers

Family Mario Esparza (Father) †
Lucinda Edwards (Wife) †
Roberto Esparza (Son) †
John Anthony Esparza is Ms. Galen's new-found love interest in Taken at Dusk. He is very rude and controlling, and Kylie highly dislikes him, especially after he started a fist fight with Tom in Whispers at Moonrise. At the end of Chosen at Nightfall, Kylie discovers that he is actually Mario Esparza's son. In the midst of a struggle between Mario and Kylie, John kills his own father, then tries to kill Kylie. With a combined struggle from Lucas and Kylie, he is given the fatal blow and his soul taken to hell.