Marla Tsang
Marla Tsang
Species Human
Age 14
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family Chao Tsang (Father)
Sharron Tsang (Mother)
Della Tsang (Sister)
Feng Tsang (Uncle)
Bao Yu Tsang (Aunt) †
Natasha Owen (Cousin)
Miao Hon (Aunt)
Chan Hon (Cousin) †
Meiling Hon (Cousin)

Marla Tsang is Della Tsang's younger sister. They have been close since they were young. When Della first became a vampire, their relationship distanced itself. Marla states that she is worried about Della and wants her sister back.

Physical Appearance Edit

Marla is of Asian-American descent, however she looks more Asian and less American. She has long black hair that is darker than Della's, she is tall, slender and has a pale skin tone.


  • When Marla was shot near the end of Unspoken, Della carried her to the hospital. However, she did not initiate transformation into a vampire. This signifies that she most likely did not inherit the vampire virus.