Ms. Galen
Species Human
Alias The Ice Queen (By Kylie)
Age 34
Status Alive
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Family Daniel Brighten (Ex-Fiancé) †
Tom Galen (Ex-Husband)
Kylie Galen (Daughter)

Ms. Galen is Kylie's mother. She was initially depicted as cold-hearted, and Kylie often assumed she didn't love her, until she proved otherwise. At the end of Born at Midnight, Ms. Galen tells Kylie about her natural father's origin when Kylie discovers the resemblance between her and a ghost named Daniel. Throughout the series, she is kept in the dark about the world of supernaturals and the fact that her daughter is one of them. On one occasion, she accidentally witnessed Jonathon drinking Helen's blood and Derek was forced to erase her memory. It is noted in Taken at Dusk that she is descended from a Native American tribe with special gifts that pass down through the generations. She meets and falls in love with a man named John Anthony in Taken at Dusk, but finds out about his evil side at the end of Chosen at Nightfall when Kylie comes to her rescue. After this, she finally tells her mother about the supernatural world.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ms. Galen is said to be a very attractive woman in her mid-30's. She is tall with brown hair and green eyes.