Mystic is a powerful sub-type of witches who have special and unique abilities. They are very rare and normal witches need their blessing to perform telepathic spells. Normally, mystic talent isn't hereditary. Mystics are known to be powerful and a little weird. They are powerful in different ways and telepathically talented. They aren't tied to the Wicca council. Mystics have a swirly, vine-like pattern tattoo on their backs. There is a branch of mystics that can control nature that are known as "Forest Mystics", and they can perform powerful magic through willpower alone. However, a mystic witch's true power remains dormant until the moment she finds and accepts true love, as it becomes her tether to her power.

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Mystic powers were somehow connected to witches in Salem. A legend states that Mystic witches arose from the need to communicate silently during that time.

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  • It is unknown if warlocks can be Mystics and Forest Mystics too.