Reborns are an exceedingly rare branch of vampires, who go through a second transformation. They are much more powerful than regular vampires.

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Out of hundreds of bloodlines proven to carry the Reborn Virus only about 6% are prone to Rebirth, and less than 3% survive the process. Those who do, however, develop tenfold power: their physical attributes—speed, strength, and senses—become ten times more potent than the average vampire. Some Reborns also seem to manifest the gift of Ghost Whispering.

In modern times, a new method has been develop to up the chances of survival. The sick vampire must "bond" with another Reborn through a complete transfusion, upon which a bond is formed between the two vampires. The bond itself is compared to the relationship shared by identical twins or soulmates. To bond with a Reborn, the one going through the chance is required to have a strong will. This, however, causes the Reborn to lose some of their power, and if done repeatedly, their Reborn state will revert.

The signs of showing the Reborn virus include loss of enhanced hearing and smell, darkened auras, sickly grey color, and pained movements. When the virus sets in, their body is covered in a feather-like rash.

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