Roberto Esparza
Species Chameleon
Alias Red (by Kylie Galen)
Status Deceased
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Gray
Powers Default Powers
  • Brain Scanning
  • Invisibility
  • Pattern Shifting
  • Species Shifting
  • Power Shifting

Vampire Powers

Family John Esparza (Father) †
Lucinda Edwards (Mother) †
Mario Esparza (Grandfather) †

Roberto "Red" Esparza was the Antagonist of Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn, who was later upgraded to anti-hero in Taken at Dusk.


In Born at Midnight He was a key member of the dangerous Blood Brothers Gang - a group of Vampires - and aimed to shut down Shadow Falls Camp. During a run-in and struggle with Kylie Galen and Derek Lakes caught Red's affection of Kylie. He captured Kylie in Awake at Dawn in a failed attempt to make her his bride. In Taken at Dusk, he made multiple attempts to protect her from his grandfather's assassinations, ultimately sacrificing himself by taking a bolt of lightning meant for Kylie and dies, in which lands his soul a place in heaven.

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