Sara Jetton
Species Human
Age 17
Status Alive
Hair color Dyed Pink
Eye color Brown
Family Mrs. Jetton (Mother)

Sara Jetton is a minor character of Shadow Falls. She had been best friends with main character, Kylie Galen, since childhood. They grew apart when Kylie went to Shadow Falls Camp.


Born at MidnightEdit

Sara first appears at Mark Jameson's party with Kylie. After Kylie is sent off to Shadow Falls, Sara mistakes that she is pregnant, but when the fertility test proves negative, she returns to her cheerful self.

Awake at DawnEdit

Sara's grandmother's spirit appears to Kylie throughout Awake at Dawn as she tries to warn her about Sara's newly developed cancer. She finds out about this when she returns home near the end of the book, and that Sara has been dating Kylie's ex-boyfriend Trey. She then uses her new-found healing power to cure Sara of her cancer.

Taken at DuskEdit

Sara continuously questions Kylie about her miraculous recovery, and later visits her at Shadow Falls to question her further. When she finds out that Derek and Lucas have a crush on Kylie, Sara questions which one she likes better, but before she could get an answer, her cat/skunk pet interrupts their conversation.

Whispers at MoonriseEdit

Sara calls Kylie to tell her about her new-found situation at school, then hangs up saying that she'll call her in a week or two, insinuating that her friendship with Kylie has sunk to a very low level.


Boy crazed, chat-box and longs to fit in at school. She is known to easy develop a crush on any good-looking boy she sees.