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Shadow Falls Camp Academy, also known as Shadow Falls Camp and Shadow Falls Academy, is a summer camp, turned boarding school, that allows teenage supernatural beings to learn about their origins, the history of supernaturals and how to harness the powers. It also serves as a place to touch young supernatural the origins of all species in order to maintain peace between the species. The camp was initially known as Bone Creek Camp, due to dinosaur footprint tracks residing in the area.

By the end of Born at Midnight, the camp has officially become a boarding school, renaming it Shadow Falls Camp Academy.

The academy is governed by the FRU and run by Holiday Brandon. Burnett James is the shareholder.


The camp divides its students into groups based on their supernatural origins, and each group chooses one member as its leader and representative.

Known Faculty MembersEdit

  • Holiday Brandon - Camp Leader/ Headmistress
  • Burnett James - Camp Leader/ Shareholder
  • An unnamed elf is the bus driver of the camp.
  • Ava Kane - English Teacher
  • Hayden Yates- Science Teacher
  • Cary Cannon- History Teacher
Former Faculty Members

Known Students/CampersEdit






Witches and warlocksEdit



The camp is located  in the Hill Country of Texas, near a small town named Fallen.

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