Sky Peacemaker
Species Werewolf
Age 20s
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark
Powers Basic Powers

Werewolf Powers

Family Younger Sister

Sky Peacemaker was a former camp leader of Shadow Falls Camp. She is currently incarcerated for being an accomplice for the Blood Brothers Gang. Sky was in charge of counseling the Werewolves in Camp.

Born at MidnightEdit

Sky worked as co-leader of Shadow Falls Camp, alongside Holiday Brandon. She was in charge of caring for the safety of the camp and the campers. Unfortunately, she was threatened by the Blood Brothers Gang with her sister's life and was forced to help close down the camp. While leading away the witch and warlock campers, one of the gang members kidnapped a lion from the nearby wildlife park and put it in Kylie Galen's bedroom. Near the end of Born at Midnight, she rescues Kylie and Derek from the gang, and confesses her crime. Because her illegal actions proved disloyalty to the camp, she was removed as camp leader and replaced by Burnett James, an agent of the FRU.