Spell Casting is the art of casting spells on items, creatures, animals, and people. Witches and Warlocks possess this ability. Wizards also possess this ability. Witches and Warlocks cast spells by waving their pinky finger. 

List of Spells Edit

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, show your true self or I'll put a hex on you. 
  • Apple, oh apple, fruit of the tree. Grant me this spell, I place upon thee. An apple no more, an orange you shall be. 
  • Unnamed superior spell 
  • Cat, oh feline friend of mine, find your true colors of black and white turn to creature that lurks at night—one that no one dares to anger thee, or skunked they will be. 
  • Unnamed mood spell 
  • Feline of black, feline are you, change now to resemble Pepé Le Pew. 
  • Spark of flame, dance of heat, light this wick, then follow me. 
  • Unnamed calming spell 
  • Unnamed baboon transformation spell 
  • Unnamed shrinking spell 
  • Unnamed black spell 
  • Out with dark, in with bright, together we ask for blessed light. 
  • Fire to flame. Smaller but the same. I move thee to the wick in the Goddess’s name. 

Trivia Edit

  • Witches use Tiger blood in some of their spells.
  • Mood spells could be cast on individuals, but it takes a pretty strong spell to target it like that.