Tabitha Evans
Species Witch
Age 17
Status Alive
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Powers Basic Powers

Witch Powers

Family Austin Evans (Father)
Mary Esther Evans (Mother)
Miranda Kane (Half-Sister)
Merlin (Paternal Ancestor)
Tabitha Evans is a Witch and Miranda Kane's half-sister by her father.

Biography Edit

Awake at Dawn Edit

In Awake at Dawn, Miranda constantly feels another presence lurking around their cabin. She eventually sets up a cage trap with Tabitha being eventually captured. Kylie, while walking back to the cabin can hear Tabitha's frustrated and angry screams and finds a caged Tabitha in Miranda's room. It was revealed that Tabitha was spying on Miranda for the upcoming Wicca Competition, and stated that she saw Mario Esparza. However before Kylie can get anymore information Miranda zaps the cage away and releases Tabitha.

Spellbinder Edit

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