Tom Galen
Species Human
Status Alive
Family Mrs. Galen (Ex-Wife)
Kylie Galen (Stepdaughter)
Nana (Mother-In-Law)

Tom Galen is Kylie Galen's stepfather. He is currently divorced.


Tom dated Kylie's mother sporadically through high school. After finding out that she was pregnant and the recent death of the father, Tom asked her to marry him in order to save her from humiliation. His own request in return was to never let anyone know that she wasn't carrying his child.

Throughout the next 16 years, Tom became a devoted man to his family. He spent much of his time to take care of Kylie and treated her like his own child. However, the hidden resentment and pain of being second choice of man to his wife grew unbearable overtime. He cheated on his wife with an intern named Amy.

Born at MidnightEdit

Mrs Galen found out about the affair and the two separated, much to Kylie's dismay. When Kylie was sent to Shadow Falls Camp, she expected Tom to pick her up and take her home, but he didn't. On the first Parents Day at Shadow Falls, Tom had too much work at his office and so forgot his promise to visit Kylie, which inadvertently caused her much pain. On the next Parents Day, Kylie accidentally spots him kissing his new intern, and avoids contact with him altogether.

Awake at DawnEdit

He broke up with his intern sometime after that weekend. While trying to contact Kylie, she avoids his calls, messages, and e-mails. When he visited her on Parents Day, she yelled at him for cheating on her mother. He apologized and tried to explain his actions, though the moment went awkward and painful.

While Kylie went home for the weekend, Tom dropped by to visit, but the situation turned bad and Kylie turned him away for using her to get to her mom.

Taken at DuskEdit

Tom visits Kylie again on Parents Day. Though the visit had been awkward, they managed to live through it without much drama.

Whispers at MoonriseEdit

When Tom visited Kylie once again on Parents Day, he saw his wife kiss her new boyfriend. The situation turned bad when John insulted Kylie for lacking respect and the two started fighting. At the end of the visit, Tom finally gave in and decided to file the divorce.