Trey Cannon
Species Human
Age 16
Status Alive
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

Trey Cannon is Kylie's ex-boyfriend. He broke up with Kylie prior to the series because she refused to have an intimate relationship with him. He tries many times to get her back,even going as far as to break into Shadow Falls, but she always brushes him off. He is now dating Sara Jetton.

During the Series: Edit

Born At Midnight: Edit

Trey is seen at Mark Jameson's end of the school year party. He bumps into Kylie and spills beer on her. He accuses her of hooking up with someone, but when she turns to leave he claims he misses her. He is next seen when he calls Kylie hoping to meet up and talk over their break-up, again she brushes him off. A few nights later Della catches him sneaking into camp, looking for Kylie. He then tries again to get her back, they end up kissing and it escalates, but Kylie stops it. He then gets mad and asks for a second chance but she doesn't agree and helps him get out of camp before someone sees him. He is lastly seen in the forest a mile outside Shadow Falls. He catches Kylie and Lucas together looking a dinosaur track. But he misinterprets the situation since Lucas is shirtless and Kylie is wearing his shirt. He tries to interrogate them but they quickly leave.

Awake at Dawn: Edit

He is first seen when Kylie comes home and unexpectedly walks in on her and her step-father arguing. It is later revealed that he and Kylie's best friend Sara slept together when they were drunk.

Chosen at Nightfall: Edit

He isn't seen but mentioned by Sara, when she called and asked Kylie permission to date him.