Species Werewolf
Status Alive
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Powers Default Powers

Werewolf Powers

Will is a Werewolf student attending Shadow Falls and is a part of Lucas's Pack. He is Lucas's closest friend. Whenever Lucas asks him for a favor, he would agree to it. He doesn't believe in the old beliefs of werewolves.

Biography Edit

Taken at Dusk Edit

When Lucas has to leave for his Father's house about Clara's disappearance, Lucas asked Will to watch over Kylie while he was gone. When Fredericka approached Kylie and they started to get into a verbal fight, Will had to step in and make her leave. It is noted that Will is good at hounding/Stalking as he followed Della and Kylie without being picked up by Della's Enhanced Hearing.

Whispers at Moonrise Edit

Will was there when Mr. Parker showed up on Shadow Falls Territory, When Kylie asked him about Lucas's Whereabouts for the council, and was there for Lucas's Engagement Ceremony.